LASH TINT........£14

Perfect solution for those who like to keep the lashes dark or have fair hair.

LASH LIFT.........£40

Time to ditch those lash curlers! Lashes are permed to create a super lifted and curled, wide-eyed look. 

LASH LIFT & TINT.........£40

Same as our classic lash lift with included lash tint to darken those curled lashes. 


Our most natural style for those who like a more natural and wearable day to day look. 

Infills 2 weeks | £24

Infills 3 weeks | £29


Made up of 40% Classic extensions & 60% Russian fans creating a thicker but still natural look. 

Infills 2 weeks | £29

Infills 3 weeks | £34


Our full glam look for anyone who loves thick & dramatic lashes giving a strip lash effect.  

Infills 2 weeks | £34


Russian Extensions but better! Our thickest & most dramatic look. It doesn't get bigger than this!

Infills 2 weeks | £39


FULL FACE GLAM........£30

Full face of glam without strip lashes for a day/night out. 


Full face of glam including a choice of strip lashes which are yours to keep. 


In demand glam - prom/race days/festivals. 


EYES & BROWS.........£20

For those not confident in full glam eyes. Includes strip lashes and brows.

PROM TRIAL.........£30

Desired look discussed and trial included.

BRIDAL TRIAL.........£45

Makeup look discussed and trial included for your big day.  


Makeup look discussed and trial included for the big day.


For bridal and/or bridesmaid makeup for the day of your wedding please send us an email to or you can reach us through our 'Contact Us' page. Please include all information regarding your big day (date/venue/timings/number of people) along with some ideas of looks. Big group discounts can also be discussed.


CLASSIC FACAL........£35

Our classic facial is suitable for all skin types helping your skin feel glowy & fresh by removing any dirt and build up of dead skin. This is the perfect facial if your are looking for no down time and pure relaxation.


Double Cleanse / Tone / Enzyme Peel / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Serum / SPF


Our classic facial but better. A thorough facial focused on the extraction of blackheads and getting rid of dead skin, dirt & toxin build up. This treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh & hydrated with a brighter appearance.


Double Cleanse / Steam Treatment / Extraction / Enzyme Peel / Tone / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Serum / SPF


Say goodbye to facial peach fuzz and hello to brighter & smoother skin. Dermaplaning is the deepest form of manual exfoliation which is carried out by using a sterile surgical scalpel which will remove the top layer of dead skin & vellus hair. Your skin will immediately be smoother and have a more radiant complexion also creating the perfect base for makeup as well!


Double Cleanse / Dermaplane / Tone / Mask / Moisturise / SPF


Our classic dermaplane but with added skin benefits, including an exfoliating enzyme peel pre dermaplane for deeper exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells, along with added ice globe therapy to sooth and hydrate the skin.


Double Cleanse / Dermaplane / Enzyme Pee / Tone / Skin Boosting Serum / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Moisturise / SPF

CHEMICAL PEEL.........£60 

Our range of Clinicare peels help target different skin concerns meaning that we can tailor your peel treatment completely to your skin and concerns. Our peels help treat light acne scarring, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores and dull/dehydrated skin. Your skin will unveil a fresh, even and a more luminous complexion whilst also encouraging skin cell regeneration!


Double Cleanse / Tone / Chemical Peel / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Moisturise / SPF


The same as our basic chemical peel but with added benefits and better results! Including a pre enzyme peel for extra exfoliation of the skin resulting in a more radiant complexion, and skin boosting serum for extra skin goodness helping to boost the skin cell regeneration.

Double Cleanse / Enzyme Peel / Tone / Chemical Peel / Skin Boosting Serum / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Moisturise / SPF


Also known as collagen induction therapy, is our most advanced facial. With plenty of benefits it can be used to treat and improve skin conditions such as acne scarring, fines lines & wrinkles, skin texture, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. We use medi grade CE marked raffine miconeedling device to create controlled and repeated punctures to the skin, which will push the active ingredients within the serum deeper into the skins surface for extra benefits. Forcing the skin to respond and trigger the healing process. This will encourage and increase the production of new collagen rich tissue which is an essential protein to help the skin look more youthful, firmer, smoother and have a much more radiant complexion overall!

Double Cleanse / Enzyme Peel / Tone / Mesotherapy Serum / Microneedling / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Moisturise / SPF


For those who love radiant & glowy skin! Our combined dermaplane and microneedling treatment work effectively and perfectly together. Benefits of this combined treatment include deeper cell rejuvenation, exfoliation & regeneration along with more effective and visible results. This is due to the fact that we have already removed, exfoliated and prepped the top layer skin by removing present dead skin by dermaplaning.


Double Cleanse / Dermaplane / Tone / Mesotherapy Serum / Microneedling / Mask / Moisturise / SPF


THE ULTIMATE SKIN TREAT! Leaving your skin feeling the best it's ever been this treatment is the gift that keeps on giving. All treatment steps works together as one to immediately improve the complexion of your skin along with visible long term benefits. By getting rid of dead skin, dirt & toxin build up the skin will then be prepped and ready for a deep exfoliation by combining our enzyme peel and dermaplaning technique. Then using our microneedling device we will apply a mesotherapy cocktail full of active ingredients which will be pushed deeper into the skin for maximum results and benefits. Finished with a mask and ice globe therapy to help hydrate and sooth the skin post microneedling.


Double Cleanse / Steam Treatment / Extraction / Enzyme Peel / Dermaplane / Tone / Mesotherapy Serum / Microneedling / Skin Boosting Serum / Mask / Ice Globe Therapy / Moisturise / SPF